Wonder-wench and Snoutfair

WORDS OF THE WEEK: Wonder-wench and Snoutfair

Babe, cutie, hot stuff, princess, ever feel like you’re running out of good words to describe that special someone passing you by on the street without a second glance in your direction?

Well if you ever need to, feel free to surprise them with some terms from the good old past when ‘wonder-wench’ and ‘snoutfair’ were the equivalent of ‘sweetheart’ and ‘handsome’.

Be careful with ‘snoutfair’ though. It was coined in the 16th century by putting together, yes you guessed it, the words ‘snout’ and ‘fair’, and whilst underlining the person’s beauty, it also kinda suggests something negative about their character.

Next time try shouting out ‘hey, wonder-wench!’, and see if that doesn’t turn and eye or two in your direction.



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