Euphemism of the year: Disposition Matrix

(A slight political digression form the regular ‘word of the week’ feature, but I thought it was worth it…)

DISPOSITION MATRIX   (or how to hide behind fancy words)

The term has probable been around for a few years, but was only really brought to public attention through a series of articles in the Washington Post last October. It may sound new-agey and somewhat futuristic, and indeed it partly is both those things, but it is also a deadly, morally controversial and highly criticised American military strategy.

What the ‘Disposition Matrix’ amounts to is a kill list accompanied by a capability for tracking, capturing, rendering, or killing terrorism suspect. ‘Matrix’ because it is essentially a complex database, ‘Disposition’ because it aims to dispose of enemies. Really just one step up from the previous top euphemism: ‘enhanced interrogation’. A next generation target list obscured behind policy speak, and, as Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald called it, creepily Orwellian.


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