Word of the week: Scuttlebutt

I hereby inaugurate this blog, devoted to all things linguistic, with its first edition of ‘Word of the Week’ in honour of ‘scuttlebutt’ – what this blog might have been called had the domain name not been taken.

Thanks go to the Urban Dictionary, endless source for wondrous word knowledge.             (My personal favourite: number 5)


1. (Slang) Gossip; rumour

2. (Nautical) A drinking fountain on a ship; a cask on a ship used to hold the day’s supply of drinking water.

3. (noun) a report (often malicious) about the doings of other people
e.g. “I was hanging out at the scuttlebutt, waiting to get some water when I heard some good scuttlebutt on Vern and an inflatable sheep.”

4. The act of continuously farting while walking. As you take each step you cut another fart.

5. The act of a dog dragging its ass across the carpet.


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